Senior IT Quality Expert

Stockholm, Sweden


  • Plan, perform and manage reviews, assessment and other quality control activities;
  • Document, analyse, report and present the review and assessment results;
  • Advice, train and coach on related industry standards and best practices;
  • Plan, perform and manage quality improvements;
  • Develop policies, strategies, methodologies and implementation plans;
  • Manage the implementation plans;
  • Document processes, work instructions, templates and other necessary process documentation in collaboration with the team members;
  • Performing business impact assessments;
  • Performing security reviews;
  • Performing risk assessments;
  • Creating security treatment plans;
  • Selecting security controls and determine mitigation actions.


  • You hold a University degree with minimum 6 years of experience in IT OR non university degree with minimum 8 years of experience in IT;
  • You have at least 3 years of relevant experience in one or more of the aforementioned areas;
  • Strong experience in performing business impact assessments, security reviews and risk assessments will benefit the tasks;
  • Strong experience of the candidate in creating treatment plans and selected security controls and determine mitigation actions will benefit the tasks;
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of IT security standards (e.g. ISO 27000);
  • Proven effective communication skills required as part of the tasks described in the request for services;
  • Nice to have:

  • Experiences with IT and Information Security Management;
  • Experience with IT and Information Security risk management;
  • Certification in IT and Information Security.

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