Frontend Developer

Remote Full time


  • Deliver high-quality code;
  • Have a team mindset, not a “one-man show” view;
  • Bring quality input into the projects by ensuring your code is tested, documented and takes into consideration performance, security, and accessibility aspects when needed;
  • Participate in the technical and architectural decisions on the projects you work on;
  • Participate in the infrastructure setup and deployment activities;
  • Provide help and support for other team members when needed;
  • Get involved in projects research and initiatives aimed at expanding the know-how of the team;
  • Mentor and coach other team members.


  • Relevant experience with the modern JavaScript ecosystem: ES2015, Babel, Webpack, ESLint, npm scripts;
  • Good understanding of the component-based architecture and unidirectional data flows;
  • Working experience with React.js;
  • Experience with testing frameworks/tools in JavaScript (Jest,react-testing-library, enzyme);
  • Good understanding of the web platform and the Client-Server Architecture;
  • Good understanding of cloud-based infrastructures and CI/CD processes;
  • Focus on clean code and following established best practices;
  • A keen eye for potential performance issues;
  • Open for communication and team collaboration;
  • Written and spoken English is a must;
  • Availability for teaching others and sharing information;
  • Active interest in contributing to open source.

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